Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Making Money thru Your Networking Business

One of the things that scares people more than anything else...after public speaking and death... is cold-calling. Hardly ANYONE likes to cold call. Whether it is fear of rejection, talking to strangers, or just that weird sticky feeling you get on your ear when you talk on the phone too long... most people just won't do it.

The way around cold calling? Having enough prospects. How do we get enough prospects.. we know people who know people. - if you are one of those people - the good, lucky, smart person who has networked successfully and know the right people, (who know the right people) - you can sell that. Make a commission - get a finder's fee... your opportunities for turning who you know - and how well you know them into a business are there - now go out and sell...you.

Meghan Wier

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Networking as a Business

There are many ways to turn your knowledge of business networking into a money making venture. You could run seminars, teaching others how to use networking in their companies, you could hold networking events, or start a MLM business, and show others how to use relationship marketing to create wealth and independence.

It is important to learn as mush as possible about the different kinds of business networking groups, in order to find not only what works best for you - but for different people as well. Turning business networking into a business will take dedication, and time, turning you from decent at business networking into an expert at business networking - an expert who will get paid for their knowledge! Also vital is learning how to use networking for business development. This will help not only your networking business, but also in assiting your clients target ways to grow their businesses.