Saturday, September 03, 2005

SEO Tips for Internet Networking

Business Networking online has become a great and easy way to meet people through email Web sites and Blogs.

For those of you looking to be found online, it is important that you understand the basic principles of SEO, including keyphrase density, targeting the appropraite keyphrases, and Page Rank. By keeping search engine optimization in mind while setting up your blog, writing and maintaining the information, you will be able to drive the traffic that you need, and get those new networking contacts to contact you!

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Blogging for Networking

I wanted to make mention of this Blogging 4 Networking Blog - I hope you find it useful.

Start your own networking business!

One of the best ways to leverage your network is to start a new business. You can earn money from putting the right people in touch with eachother as a "concierge", or consultant. Think about the types of people you know and what services they are looking for. What products do they need to sell. Do you know how to help them, can you sell yourself as the person who can bring those relationships to them?

It is important to consistantly build these relationship, whether you are running your own business, or working for someone else. Make sure that you make network a part of your everyday responsibilies, making phone calls, sending cards, or a newsletter. Position yourself as the resource that everyone wants to know and a business opportunity will present itself!

Meghan Wier

Who you know

Networking is meeting, retaining and growing relationship for the purpose of business success. You you know can help you find a job, sell your product, put you in touch with a good plumber and make you famous.